Undrafted (2016)

Joe Mazzello, best known for his acting roles in Jurassic Park, HBO's The Pacific, The Social Network, etc, wrote and made his directorial debut with this story based on his brother's experience as a collegiate baseball star who was skipped over in the Major League Baseball draft. Story centers around an intramural baseball game with his misfit teammates that becomes incredibly important to him as he tries to come to grips with his dashed dream.

Movies Detail of Undrafted (2016)

✓ Title : Undrafted
✓ Release Date : July 15th, 2016
✓ Genres : Comedy, Drama, Family
✓ Runtime : 100 minutes
✓ Directors : Joseph Mazzello, Barbara Abelar
✓ Writer : Joseph Mazzello
✓ Companies : Parlay Films, Dead Fish Films
✓ Country : United States of America
✓ Cast : Ryan Pinkston, Toby Hemingway, Aaron Tveit, Joseph Mazzello, Jay Hayden, Tyler Hoechlin, Chace Crawford, Matt Bush, Duke Davis Roberts, Manny Montana

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Well, Undrafted (2016) is good movie with a talanted cast and top level director. The Undrafted (2016) itselft directed by Joseph Mazzello, Barbara Abelar and Starring by Ryan Pinkston, Toby Hemingway, Aaron Tveit, Joseph Mazzello, Jay Hayden, Tyler Hoechlin, Chace Crawford, Matt Bush, Duke Davis Roberts, Manny Montana which made Undrafted (2016) enjoyable to watch and spending your time alone or with family and friends.

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